A day in Lefkada

We arrived at the harbor of Igoumenitsa in the afternoon and started immediately driving to reach Lefkada. On the way there, we decided to stop for an hour in a small city called Parga and spend some time there.

to Parga...

Parga is a town located in the northwest between the cities of Igoumenitsa and Preveza. It lies on the Ionian coast and is a resort town well known for its natural environment. On the top of a hill overlooking the town, there is a castle which was used to protect the city from invasions and nowadays people can visit it. We didn’t have the time for that, but instead, we walked for a while through the small and narrow, while fully crowded alleys with many souvenir shops as well as bakeries and tavernas. There is the chance to leave the car at one of the parking areas at Parga and with a boat, travel to Paxos for a day trip.

Lefkada is an island connected to the mainland by a causeway. We arrived in the evening and the landlord, named Spyros, gave us some tips for the next day. The house we stayed in had a beautiful garden with some olive trees aged 400 years old!

The same evening, we visited the city of Lefkada. The center is only for pedestrians and near to the marina, where we could see the beautiful yachts and sailing boats.

The next day, following the instructions of Spyros, we started by visiting one very famous fishing village, Agios Nikitas. We didn’t really understand why, but the small unorganized beach on the bay was unbelievable crowded!!! A beautiful village and beach, but still crowded. We drank a coffee and left, as there was no chance to enjoy either the view nor the beach.

We drove south on the west side to reach a beach called “Cathisma”. It is a huge organized beach with many beach bars and tavernas. The area is known for the big waves. I thought that, although the waves seemed big, I would be able to swim. I was waiting for some time having the waves making me wet – without yet swimming – until a milder one comes and take me with it. Well, swimming didn’t last long as I was fast trying to reach the shore again, as it was not possible to enjoy it. Then, I stayed outside, where the wave pops until one quite big enough came and literally threw me down!! I was not afraid, on the contrary, I had the best time of my life! Absolutely funny!

Later, we visited a restaurant on the top of the mountain called “Rachi“. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the beach and the area around, but what’s more special about it, is that if you visit it on a cloudy day, then you have a view literally over the clouds which I can imagine it should be amazing! Next to the restaurant, there is a bar called “Fly me“. They opened it for the people who were driving up the mountain to eat at the restaurant and had to wait as it was full! By the way, the food there was absolutely delicious!

Unfortunately, we did not spend much time on the island, but at least we managed to see some nice things. Hopefully, we will return someday to explore more.

Next stop Kefalonia!

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