Paros, the windy destination

After Hydra, we arrived in Piraeus, in order to take the speedboat to bring us to Paros. Paros is one of the Cyclades island group and unfortunately, we arrived there at the windy time of summer. Although, I wonder if there is a time of the year which is not windy at the Cyclades.


The house we rented was in the middle of nowhere between the capital of the island, Parikia, and the second big city, Naousa. Everywhere we were on the island was white and blue and with almost no vegetation. This is common at the Cyclades, unlike the Ionian or the north Aegean islands where they are amazingly green.



I have to admit that I am not a fan of the Cyclades islands as they do not offer me what I want when I travel. They are the cosmopolitan islands of Greece and for those who want to party all day and swim at absolutely crowded beaches. As we are not that style, we decided to explore a little the island and not focus on swimming for these 3 days.

NaousaNaousaWe visited the island of Antiparos, taking the ferry boat from the village of Pounta and in 5 minutes we were there. We walked a little through the small alleys and did some shopping.

Back to Paros, we had heard that there is a butterfly forest. We were a little disappointed as we were expecting different types of butterflies flying around and the only we saw were moths. Still nice, but not what we expected. If you are interested in that, it worths for sure a visit.

When you walk through the villages among the tavernas you will meet some octopuses hanging under the sun. Actually, this is something you can see in many tavernas around Greece, not only on the islands. This is how the octopuses are being grilled from the sun and then they serve them with a little olive oil usually and they taste absolutely fantastic.

sun grilled octopus

Something we really enjoyed at Paros was the sunset. We were not the only ones as people were gathering at a specific spot at Parikia to watch it 🙂

watching the sunset

If you want to visit Paros, do it better in June or September that it is not so crowdy and expensive but it is already or still sunny enough to enjoy the sea.

For the end, I left the photos of the sunset as we definitely enjoyed it! 😉

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sunset at Parikiasunset at Parikia

sunset at Parikia

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