Night of the Museums 3

Once more, my favorite night of the year was finally here!!! 😀 Night of the museums was here waiting for all those people around Austria to visit their preferable museums, with one ticket only from 18:00pm until 01:00am!

This year, they created an app, where you can make a list of your favorite museums and read all the necessary information or plan your route. I downloaded it and picked those that were most probable to visit and added them on my list.

Additionally, during the event, they were updating the app in order to inform us if a museum is overcrowded and how long you have to wait to get inside. Something also practical was the extra bus lines driving through the city, in order to transfer people from one place to another.

the golden ticket!!!

Our first stop was the Welt Museum Wien (the museum of the world) which is located at the center of the city, in Heldenplatz, and housed at the new Hofburg. The normal ticket price for the museum is 12€ and 9€ the reduced.

Welt MuseumWelt Museum

There you can see traditional costumes or armory of the different nations in the world. Artifacts from America, Oceania, Australia, Africa, Asia, Siberia and many more as well are exhibited there to take a look at other civilizations.

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After the room with the armory, interesting artifacts from around the world appeared. Traditional costumes…

City maquettes…

Worship objects and more…

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Jewelry and a market tree (you can read more on the feather jewelry on the website)…

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and scenes from life…

welt museum

Next, we visited the Architecture Centre which usually accommodates various exhibitions. Honestly, we were expecting something more impressive and easier to understand, but unfortunately, we found there was too much information in a small place.

akzhanging booksThe ticket costs 9€ and the reduced 7€. It is located in the area of Museums Quartier where small cafes and some famous museums are also located there – like the Leopold Museum or the MUMOK (which we wanted to visit, but it was a little crowded…)

the area of MQ


Afterward, we walked to the Wien Museum and on the way there we stopped to eat traditional Austrian hot dog at one of the kiosks! At the museum, though, we were not able to enter, as there were too many people outside waiting and we read on the app that we had to wait at least an hour to enter. Next time!

Then, we visited the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) museum. It is located next to Stadtpark and super easy to reach. The ticket costs 12€ or 9€ the reduced one. In the MAK you can find a big variety of collections, such as ceramic, metal and glass artifacts, furniture and woodwork or textiles and carpets.


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I had visited it once because of a temporary exhibition and never had seen the whole of it. Most importantly, I knew that there was a temporary exhibition of Gustav Klimt I wanted to visit. Luckily, at the time we arrived a tour was starting based on the Klimt exhibition so we took part. They explained us that they turned one of the most famous Klimt’s mosaics (the Stoclet Frieze which is at the Palais Stoclet in Brussels in a private collection) into a 3D projection which we were going to watch with virtual reality glasses and wander inside the artwork with a controller. Amazing, right? The only problem was that we had to wait for many people as they had only 4 pairs of glasses.

the Stoclet Frieze

So, instead, we visited another location of our list, in order to go back to MAK short before the night of the museums was over, hoping that fewer people would be there.

ORF Funkhaus

This National Broadcasting house of Austria is used mostly for radio programs and one TV show. The rest TV shows are being shooted in another building in Vienna. Both of them are offering different tours to learn more about how they work. We visited 2 different rooms in the building. The first was were symphonic concerts for the radio take place and the second was the director’s room.

Back to MAK, we arrived right on time to wait only for some minutes until our turn comes. It was absolutely an amazing experience! They did a wonderful job showing so many different aspects of the mosaic and Klimt’s world. I actually got lost in there taking as many steps as possible to go everywhere I could as the time was limited. The colors and the moves of the objects were so realistic that you felt like touching them.

It is really not obvious on the pictures above, but you can somehow understand how wonderful it was!

There was also this painting on the wall, where the visitors could paint or create something and pick it on the tree. A great idea!Handicraft

This was the magic night of the museums 2018 and it was absolutely great and Fayeable!

TIP: in some museums, you can book your ticket online and on days that they are overcrowded – such as national holidays – you can skip the line and get inside immediately 😉

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